Float Glass Cutting Line

Fully automatic cutting line for cutting float and laminated glass. 

In conjunction with the optional water jet cutter fire protection glass can be cutted.

Low cycle times thanks to innovative drive technology.

Float Glass Cutting Table

Manual Breaking Table

Loading Station


Loading Station /

Glass applicator for

sizes up to 9 meters

Float Glass Cutting

Table Plant with

magnetic motors

Manual Breaking Table

Station with integrated air cushion


Loading Station 

Glass applicator for sizes up to 9 meters

Automatic height adjustment 

of the vacuum cups


Automatic return transport 

of the residual discs


Automatic positioning 

for transport

Fully automatic glass loading station for the removal of float and laminated glass from the glass storage.

Optionally also available in two-sided and mobile version. Automatic return transport of the residual discs.



Cutting Station 

Float Glass Cutting Table Plant with

magnetic motors

Dynamic linear drives

Automatic cutting oil regulation


Automatic cutting pressure control

Decoupling in a sequence

Rotation lock on x-y axis

Station made of solid steel construction with integrated air cushions and transport belts. High speed and cutting accuracy thanks to newly developed drive technology and lightweight design. Suitable for cutting straight lines and special shapes. Optionally available with abrasive disc for removing soft coating.



Breaking Station 

Station with integrated air cushion

Speed ​​controlled air cushion

Optional tiltable


Hydraulic breaker bar

Station with air cushion and integrated crushing bar. the station can optionally be equipped with 3 or 4 lifting arms at the end or on the side.


Insulating Glass Production Line

Fully automatic insulating glass line from edge trimmer to sealer for glass lengths up to 9000mm and a weight up to 600kg/linear meter. Suitable for the production of double and triple insulating glass as well as for the production of insulating glass with four-sided steps up to 250mm.

Washing Station

Frame Mounting 


Assembling and 

Gas Filling Station





Washing Station

Station for glasses up to 

100mm glass thickness


Contactless washing process

Exact measurement of the glass thicknesses

Automatic fan for drying glass edges

Vertical station for washing flat glass in continuous operation. Machine body made of stainless steel. Washing and drying zone made in one piece. Washing zone consisting of pre-wash, main wash and spray zone. No contact of the soft coatings during the washing process.



Frame Mounting Station

Station for setting rigid spacers 

up to a frame clearance of 50mm. 

Can also be used as a visitation station or as a tilting station.

4 Side steps up to 250mm

Automatic adjustment 

of the attachment stops


Automatic frame setting station

for glass sizes up to 6000mm



Assembling and Gas Filling Station

4 separate E-spindle / 4-sided steps up to 250mm


Automatic level adjustment For elements up to 120mm thickness


Support for triple insulating glass elements


Flexible or rigid spacers

System consisting of two plates on sturdy frame construction with air cushion on the fixed plate and vacuum suction on the moving part. Mechanical stop for exact positioning of the glass panes. The positioning of the step elements takes place via transport belts. 

The insulating glass is pressed by 4 separate electric servo spindles, which ensure that the corners are pressed exactly to the desired degree. When filling with gas, the filling chambers are covered with fixed or optionally movable sealing strips to prevent gas loss.



Can be used as inlet or outlet 

station and connecting section. 

Stable construction with silicone-free rollers and transport belts.

Transport Station

Transport belt with servomotor

Silicone-free rolls

Up to 600kg running weight

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