Experience & Competence - we pursue the goal of creating a win-win situation, buyers as well as providers should get the maximum benefit from a business relationship. In addition to professional knowledge, you will benefit from our consulting and communicative skills, developing new machines with passion and experience! We know about the market and the customers requests, opportunities and risks. We are looking forward to exciting projects with pleasure. 


The machines have to work stably and reliably, the machines can be operated easily and uncomplicated, the machines can be easily and quickly maintained!

Dragan Radovanovic CEO 
Ingrid Radovanovic shareholder

mbr_technology for glass GmbH

A-3364 Neuhofen/Ybbs, Zauchweg 1

Phone +43 07475 53855

Mobile +43 664 278 23 48


FN 502087 p, ATU73909247

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